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Author, Senior Literary Agent, Speaker, Developmental Editor, Sensitivity Reader/Editor for Middle Eastern and Muslim Characters

Professional Services

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  • Conflict is your best friend in writing

    What makes good conflict? By good, I don’t actually mean positive or joyful. I am referring to quality conflict, which shows your character, builds momentum, and pushes the story forward. It’s value-added conflict vs. false conflict. (False conflict frustrates readers. Examples include conflict that doesn’t make sense or relate to the character’s personality, environment, or…

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  • Query Revise & Resubmit Feedback compilation, by Najla M.

    Summarizing a few recent query responses to pass forward to other writers. Individual information will remain anonymous. Below are high level points from 5 submissions: As always, this business is very subjective. Views are my own. This blog post is intended to help provide some suggestions when editing first chapters.

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